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Chambers and Partners and Lamp House Strategy Partnership

Chambers and Partners and Lamp House Strategy Partnership

Working together to develop vital insights

Chambers and Partners and Lamp House Strategy are excited to be working together to create a new source of vital intelligence to enable law firms to better understand, motivate and support their talent in this new world of hybrid work.

A partnership to help the legal community drive positive change

Our goal is to help law firm leaders see what drives great performance that results in both strong team engagement and rankings from clients. We will help them benchmark their own results against the broader market and peer groups, identifying both strengths and weaknesses and gaining evidence to create a roadmap for change.

The combination of Chambers and Partners’ years of independent research into the legal marketplace alongside Lamp House’s expertise in defining the right data that drives people engagement and performance, will produce a unique set of data that can be the catalyst for more effectively managing teams in this hybrid world.

Currently there is no independent benchmarking vehicle for partners and associates, and the wider business services staff, to share their voice on how they feel.

Through combining the Chambers market-leading talent and rankings data with attitudinal data from this new talent research, we will be able to uncover the new ingredients of success to help law firm leaders stem the loss of talent, drive higher client performance and, ultimately, gain competitive advantage.

Want be kept informed and discuss how you can take part in this exciting new initiative? 

What we do

Lamp House Strategy is a research consultancy specialising in the professional services industries. We provide invaluable ESG data, rigorous insight, and broader stakeholder research services.

Our ESG data and stakeholder insight inspires sustainable success.

It’s an investment in your business. Our insights help our clients to reframe effective ESG as a symbol of sustainable success – something that benefits them, their teams, the wider industry and the bottom line. Standing at the intersection of insight, the legal world and ESG, we bring our unique perspective as experts in our field. We’re a beacon for good, a catalyst and guide for collaborative change across the industry. By harnessing expertise, we discover, measure and benchmark best-in-class practices to inspire people and firms to aim higher and exceed aspirations.

There are four ways we can help you:

1. Access the ranking

Learn how we assess the sophistication of legal services providers on ESG. Review your firm’s dashboard, and view a gap analysis against best practice, your peer group and the industry average.

2. Access our knowledge centre

Understand the ways that firms are developing ESG strategies. Read case studies on best practice, and view the latest academic theories. Talk to peers in other firms and sustainability conscious clients, and develop a roadmap for change.

3. Stakeholder feedback services

Tap into research expertise and become part of our world-class stakeholder feedback programmes. We customise these with every firm to suit its unique needs. Our team of experienced researchers help to scope, design, project manage, perform interviews and surveys, process data and analysis, prepare presentations and create dashboards.

4. Support partner retreats/internal and external conferences

Gain expert speaker and presentation preparation services to help leaders effectively communicate key messages to their firms with supporting evidence.

To learn more about our offering, please email Jo Summers.