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What is Lamp House Analytics?

Lamp House Strategy is an insights specialist for the legal sector.  Our data-driven approach helps law firms measure their responsible business strategy.

Our market evaluation of 125+ law firms’ responsible business strategies provides objective evidence of:

  • What best practice looks like and what is table stakes
  • How firms compare to the market average and leaders
  • What firms are doing that is ahead of, or behind, their peers
  • Which firms are truly leading the industry and why
  • How the market is currently shaped

Lamp House Analytics is our new analytics platform launching in January 2024, a dashboard containing analysis of the responsible business strategies of more than 125 law firms from the US, UK and Canada.   This insight is based on a deep dive analysis into the status more than 230 responsible business activities at each firm.

Via our interactive dashboards, law firms are able to compare their firm’s own profile to the market average, leaders and specific peers. By understanding how they measure up to peers, firms can make sound decisions on where and how to invest in improving their performance and creating a lasting and impactful legacy and brand.

The General Counsel community and legal department leaders will gain complimentary access to Lamp House Analytics from January to enable easy comparison of their panel firms on responsible business strategies.

Lamp House Analytics, will launch in January 2024, register here for more information or to discuss viewing your firm’s profile.

Commercial Options


Our basic analytics package allows a firm to update their profile, view their profile and share the link with GCs. They can also see how their high-level scores on People, Planet and Governance compare to the market average

Our advanced analytics package gives a firm access to all of Lamp House’s market evaluation data. This allows you to view the detailed profiles of all firms and to see how your firm’s scores compare to specific peer or competitor firms. This package also gives you access to our collated analysis and survey findings - to understand market trends in this space, profiling the activity of innovators, early adopters to laggards. It also includes access to a suite of best practice case studies and how law firms compare to their Big Four counterparts.


Lamp House Report

We will publish some of our findings in our first Lamp House Report, a global analysis of responsible business trends and best practices from law firms, in November 2023.  Register here to download the report when published.

The report will contain our analysis of the largest 50 UK, 60 US and 15 Canadian firms. We collate these insights through in-depth ‘human’ evaluation of a firm’s website and its responsible business reporting.

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