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What is Lamp House Analytics?

Lamp House Analytics is a free analytics platform for in-house legal teams, making it easy to compare your law firms’ responsible business strategies.

With Analytics, in-house teams can view the full results from our market evaluation of 125+ law firms’ responsible business strategies against almost 250 legal-industry specific metrics.

Our interactive dashboards allow you to:

  • Compare your firms across consistent metrics for the legal industry
  • Access industry benchmarks to know what good looks like
  • Drill down into areas of personal interest (e.g. planet, gender, social mobility)


1. Overview

Get a high-level overview of each firm's performance across three broad categories: planet, people and governance.

Understand how firms are performing and where you can apply more pressure to firms to make change and be more transparent

2. Deep-dive

Take a deep-dive into the adoption of specific activities at an individual firm.

Use this to question partners at a pitch or to see what firms are doing in areas that are particularly important to you or your organisation

3. Compare

Compare a law firm’s performance against the leading firms, the market average or a selected set of peer firms.

These scores can be compared at an overall level, within each broad categories and within subcategories such as gender or ethnicity. This can feed into panel reviews and RFPs.

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