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Past events

LMA Webinar

21st November 2023

Clients, The Board & The CMO

The latest ESG market data from across the UK and North America, and what it reveals about what clients want from their legal providers

  • What action Boards and companies are taking on ESG and what really works
  • Real-life examples of implementing an ESG strategy in a law firm and the reactions of fee earners and clients
  • The importance of purpose

Legal ESG: New York

15-16th November 2023

Current state of play: How Law Firms are Adopting Responsible Business Strategies

Law firms face many choices as they develop their responsible business strategies, as they try to navigate the needs and desires of their different stakeholders at the same time as managing limited budgets. Drawing on in-depth analysis of 125 large law firms, this session will reveal how approaches differ on each side of the Atlantic, what’s best practice and what strategies are becoming table stakes for any firm who wants to be seen as a credible responsible law firm.

The analysis has shown that many firms are either green-washing or green-hushing – there is a communications gap which most firms need to address. We will also draw a comparison to the big Four and other leading professional services firms, to show where the leading law firms might have to go next. The session will also draw on research from global surveys of clients of and talent at law firms, revealing how they see their firms performing against today’s responsible business expectations, and suggest ways in-house departments can work proactively with their law firms to engender positive change.

Sandpiper Partners LLC: Global Law Firm Leaders Conference

8th November 2023

Purpose, Culture and Responsibility

Navigating stakeholder expectations in complex environments is never easy but how are law firms rising to that challenge? How can you balance the plethora of ESG expectations and is the right focus on E, S and G? How authentic are leaders seen by their clients and teams? Can the industry do more to show the lead? How do you ensure that the narrative and the behaviours are aligned?

Webinar with Clarity

25th October 2023

Leveraging Business Responsibility for Brand Power and Success

Today's successful law firm is a responsible law firm – one that understands the need not only for economic growth but also for ESG initiatives with demonstrable impact. Clarity and Lamp House Strategy are proud to sponsor a presentation and discussion about the role of responsible business practices in your firm and their potential to help build brand power. Topics will include what responsible business practices really mean for a law firm, their importance to clients and recruits, the competitive landscape today, and what’s on the regulatory horizon. Lamp House will also share new insights from their research of US and global law firms and which brands are standing out for their responsible business strategies.

Law Firm Marketing Summit

10th October 2023

Agility in a Disrupted World

The Changing Legal Landscape

Lisa Hart Shepherd will set the scene by exploring the latest trends in the legal market, including the impact of digitalisation, ESG, hybrid working models and rising geopolitical tensions